life has definitely changed….and am very happy with the changes…only disappointment is that I still haven’t been able to start writing or converting my thoughts into words.


story called LIFE

Its been a long time….a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since my last visit to this blog.

Life has changed a lot..relationships have taken a twist…people have changed..even I have changed.wonder how these things happen in life…are we a puppets in somebody’s hands…but when you look at it everything happens for the best…I am happy about the twists and turns my life has taken..


life sometimes becomes sooo boring and are just wondering where to start afresh.

if fairy godmother came visiting today what would i have asked her…change ┬áchange change…everything around me….make me dance, make me sing…bring new friends..not the ones who would say hi and bye when you see them, but the ones who would be there to lend a ear when you need them the most….

about to start

i just came across WordPress so thought…it’s time to start following my dreams….i always dreamt of writing something but words eluded me…but i think it’s high time that i ran behind words…..hope i can do justice to my thoughts.